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Champalimaud Research

Research is at the heart of the Champalimaud Foundation’s mission, vision and objectives. With a fundamental belief in the power of scientific discovery, the Foundation supports cutting-edge research designed to reveal new knowledge and develop scientific solutions to medical problems.

The Foundation believes in translational research, facilitating a link and codependency between scientific breakthroughs and improvements in clinical care. This relies on collaboration between scientists and clinicians, as well as identifying the best areas of investment to provoke the highest impact.

The aspiration of the Champalimaud Research as an organization is to help scientists to reach their full creative potential and to promote collective achievements beyond those reachable by individual scientists or laboratory groups. This is a challenge that we believe demands that we examine, question and attempt to improve the way scientists work together. Toward this end, our vision is to promote an institutional culture based on the following aims:

· To maximize cooperation without sacrificing independence and diversity of thought;

· To foster good life quality, recognizing that well-being and productivity go hand in hand;

· To be a hub for scientific interaction, engaging our peers in productive exchange rather than competition;

· To share our knowledge not only within the scientific community but with the community at large;

· To continually renew the organization itself, nurturing new scientific approaches and the organizational structures that encourage them.

If we are successful, the legacy of the Champalimaud Research will be not only advances in scientific knowledge but advances in the scientific process itself.

At the Foundation investment in research is focused on three core areas: neuroscience, cancer and vision. A common philosophy runs through all three: that research should be results oriented with a view to offering society the benefits of scientific progress.