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The Champalimaud Foundation’s C-TRACER – Champalimaud Translational Centre for Eye Research - network was launched in India in 2008 with the goal of supporting cutting-edge vision research. The C-TRACERs are designed to reflect the Foundation’s belief in translational science which brings breakthroughs from the laboratory to the clinic.

There are currently three members of the C-TRACER network, located in India, Portugal and Brazil. Each Centre hosts its own research programmes and areas of expertise but all three members collaborate together on joint projects designed to promote research in ophthalmology.

In addition to the translational research carried out in each C-TRACER, education is also a key component of this network. To this end, each C-TRACER holds an annual symposium to discuss their ongoing work and discuss opportunitites for future research and collaboration.

With the creation of the C-TRACER network the Champalimaud Foundation is making a significant contribution to the prevention and eradication of vision related disease and illness around the World.