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C-TRACER 3 (Brazil)

C-TRACER 3 was launched in 2012 in partnership with the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. Directed by Prof. Rubens Belfort Jr. this newest member of the network works in collaboration with the C-TRACERs in India and Portugal to promote cutting-edge vision research with the potential for clinical applications.

From right to left: Leonor Beleza, Rubens Belfort Jr. and Fernando Henrique Cardoso at the launch of C-TRACER 3 in São Paulo.

C-TRACER 3 (Brazil) was inaugurated on December 14th 2012 with the First Annual Sao Paulo Champalimaud Symposium. Official recognition was given to this new C-TRACER facility by Foundation President, Leonor Beleza, before the opening of the scientific programme. The importance of the occasion was underlined by the participation of former President of Brazil and Member of the Champalimaud Foundation’s General Council, Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Discussions are already underway on the scope of the new C-TRACER’s clinical and research programmes, with one of the first projects already planned to take place in the Amazon Basin in Brazil.