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The role of education is to disperse knowledge. The Champalimaud Foundation endeavours to keep audiences informed of relevant research findings and discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and cancer research, including proposed new treatments and preventative measures. It does so through its support of educational programmes and seminars designed to foster the dissemination of new ideas and practices.

The “flagship” of the Champalimaud Foundation’s educational programme is the revolutionary Champimóvel. This is a fully interactive, 3-D, transportable experience that introduces children to the some of the most cutting-edge issues in medical science. Champimóvel has the full support of the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

Educational scholarships are being developed in an effort to encourage greater numbers of young medical professionals to pursue careers in biomedicine or clinical research. Moreover, the Foundation is committed to aiding the next generation of scientists and clinicians. There is no doubt that the wonders of science can capture the imagination at a very young age. The Champalimaud Foundation intends to provide a wide range of educational facilities and resources in order to start tomorrow’s scientists on a life-long voyage of discovery.