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“It was the most amazing day of my life and I'll remember it even when I'm old.”

This was the touching testimonial of one of the 132.515 children who, since 2008, have joined Champi on an emotional and interactive 3-dimensional journey through the human body. The innovative Champimóvel project brings together a fun simulator with a 3D movie and a learning game in order to simplify and explain complex scientific ideas.

Champimóvel has left its mark on thousands of children, giving inspiration and awakening their curiosity in cutting-edge scientific concepts like stem cells, nanotechnology, DNA and gene therapy.

The format of this initiative allows science to be taken to young people, wherever they are, in schools all across Portugal and Spain in a variety of events dedicated to science, education or entertainment.

Champimóvel is an inclusive educational programme and is fully equipped and ready to receive students with disabilities. The Champimóvel experience is adaptable in order to meet the needs of these groups.

With the creation of Champimóvel the Foundation is working to stimulate the creativity and imagination of young people, motivating them to join the search for scientific discoveries. There is no doubt that the wonders of science can capture the imagination at a very young age and the Foundation aims to sustain this curiosity and make science careers fashionable and attractive to young people.

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