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School visits


Please check the list of schools selected for the Schools Visits 2017/2018. See the file bellow. The selected schools are highlighted in bold.

School visit accept letter 17-18_1.pdf (90.0 KB)

Tell me about the visits to the CCU

- Monthly;
- The day of the visit is pre-defined by the organising team (always on a Tuesday morning);
- Visits start at 10 am, with a duration of ~2h30min;
- Throughout the visit, you will learn about the Champalimaud Foundation and its operational areas, namely about the scientific research areas and the daily-life of a scientist, by engaging in open discussions with members of the Champalimaud Research. In addition, there will also be the opportunity of visiting some of the scientific working places.

What is the criteria to participate in the CCU visits?

We would like to reach out to more schools, namely to schools that have not visited the CCU before.
Hence, and unlike previous years, in 2017/2018 we did not use the first-come first-served criterion, but instead we took into consideration a set of factors:
- Up to 50 students + teachers per visit;
- Priority will be given to high school students (10th, 11th and 12th grades);
- Priority will be given to schools that have NOT visited the CCU before;
- Motivation to visit the CCU.


Would you like to do a scientific visit to the CCU?
Do you have a particular interest related to a CNP research topic/laboratory?

Send us an e-mail explaining your interests and you will receive a reply with information about the availability and programme of the visit.

Contact email: education@research.fchampalimaud.org