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(Un)Known: Cancer in Young Woman

On 21 September 2018, the Champalimaud Foundation will hold its first international meeting about gynaecological cancer: "(Un)Known – Cancer in Young Women".

  1. 9.8.2018

    Dr. Henrique Nabais, Director of our Gynaecology Unit, explained why we are bringing together experts from around the world to discuss these key issues of women’s health:

    “Cancer in young women is a huge and permanent medical challenge, constantly revealing important ethical and medical issues, whether physical, sexual/reproductive, psychological, familial, cultural or professional. It's a complex reality which requires continuous multidisciplinary reflection, so that each young woman with cancer may be treated in a truly personalised manner that comes as close as possible to their expectations, and at the same time has access to the most advanced health care.”

    Speaking about the key features of this meeting, Dr. Nabais added: "I think all the themes that will be discussed are interesting. However, I believe the central idea that runs through the entire meeting is the importance of taking holistic approach towards any young woman with cancer, as this is the only way that allows you to truly treat the patient."

    More information, registration and the programme for "(Un) Known – Cancer in Young Women" available here.

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