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António Champalimaud Vision Award 2019: Brazil

The world's largest Award in the field of vision, worth 1 million euros, recognises the unique work of three Brazilian institutions in the fight against blindness.

  1. 4.9.2019

    The 2019 António Champalimaud Vision Award was presented to the Instituto da Visão - IPEPO, the Altino Ventura Foundation and the UNICAMP Ophthalmology Service, three organizations that support ophthalmology and the prevention of blindness in Brazil.

    From large cities to the most remote indigenous communities in Amazonia, these institutions have fought a relentless war for light, life and human dignity. Working separately, each of them has spent decades helping those in need all over the country, using high-quality clinical services and telemedicine.

    The Instituto de Visão - IPEPO has helped more than 2 million people with its pioneering clinical services, supported by research and education programmes; the Altino Ventura Foundation works tirelessly in one of the poorest regions of South America to combat blindness through high-quality ophthalmology, science and education; the UNICAMP Ophthalmology Service began a revolution of South American ophthalmological services in the 1980s, with the continent’s first cataract-free-zone project.

    The work of these organisations has brought light to millions of people without access to medical care. In São Paulo and other major urban centers, extreme poverty leads to serious visual impairments for millions of people. In Amazonia and rural areas of Brazil, economic and social conditions, as well as the climate, also cause serious vision problems and disease.

    The 2019 António Champalimaud Vision Award recognises the excellent work of the three institutions whose professionals and volunteers have worked, often at their own personal risk, showing extreme courage to bring light to those who cannot see. They are the real soldiers in the war against blindness and their fight has been celebrated in the 2019 Vision Award ceremony which took place at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, in Lisbon, on the 4th of September 2019.

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