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Darwin's Cafe

Darwin's Cafe is located in a beautiful riverside area and marries distinctive architectural design to an outstanding and diverse menu.

The interior decor of Darwin’s cafe transports all who enter to the world of the British naturalist and biologist who lends his name to the Centre’s restaurant. Darwin’s Cafe is the result of a partnership between the Foundation and Lanidor, creating a restaurant in one of Lisbon’s most desirable locations and one of the most sought after places to dine in the city. 

The traces of the past inherent in the decoration merge with the modernity of the space to create an incomparable atmosphere. The river-facing windows invite contemplation while the menu, carefully prepared by the chef, António Runa, invites savouring. The terrace, with its breathtaking view marks the end point of this unique space which is already a reference point on the national landscape.


Opening Hours:

Lunch: 12h30 – 15h30

Afternoon Tea: 16h30 – 18h30

Tea: 19h30 – 23h00

(On Mondays Darwin’s closes at 16h00).




Tel.: +351 21 048 02 22

E-mail: info@darwincafe.com

Website: www.darwincafe.com