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Public Area

The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is a space created with the public in mind and where many of the spaces were designed to be used and enjoyed by all. All those who wish can feel the excitement felt by the famous Portuguese navigators over 500 years ago and by our scientists today as they anticipate and strive for great discoveries.

In addition to the exotic interior garden, the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown has returned to the city large landscaped areas for public enjoyment, which surround the buildings and follow them along the riverbank. Perfectly integrated into the local area, these green spaces strive to give continue the redevelopment of the riverfront in total harmony.

Likewise, the public footpath, which rises slowly before revealing a view of the sea, the openair amphitheatre, and the infinity pool are already a recognised part of the city’s heritage. This is a place of choice and the perfect synergy between architecture, nature and local history.

The Champalimaud Centre’s café is open to the public on weekdays so that anyone can visit to enjoy the food and take advantage of the terrace with its view of the mouth of the River Tejo.

Darwin’s Café and its terrace, the auditorium, and the Exhibition Hall are frequently used to host free events and exhibitions. These areas form an important part of the Foundation’s aim to create a project for the use, benefit and enjoyment of all.

Note: The public use of these spaces is subject to the decision of the management of the Champalimaud Foundation which can at any moment alter the rules of use.