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Anna Sommer Garden

Visitors to the Champalimaud Foundation are met by the Anna Sommer Garden. In tribute to the mother of the Founder, this vast, green space was created without boundaries or fences to be used by all. The shadows of the trees give shelter, stone paths show the way, and the green marks the return of this area to the public.

Interior Tropical Garden

The Champalimaud Centre’s interior garden is the most breathtaking point of the main building. Covered by a glass pergola, it creates an ideal microclimate for the development of plants from Brazil, Africa, India, Timor and the Far East. A path guides visitors through this tropical and exotic environment punctuated with rest areas which invite a pause. This garden is a space for public enjoyment which allows all those that who wish to enjoy the lush green and peace of this unrivalled space.

Zen Garden

Located in the Champalimaud Clinical Centre for the exclusive use of patients is the Champalimaud Centre’s Zen Garden. This garden was conceived with the specific purpose of allowing patients the option of receiving treatment in an atmosphere which is created to promote serenity and well-being. Here our patients can be treated in a unique environment and in the company of their friends or family members. Here the space has been conquered by the tranquility of the garden, making it not just a garden but a place where nature joins therapy.