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Board of Directors

The President of the committee of the Champalimaud Foundation is Leonor Beleza, who was appointed by António Champalimaud in his will.

General Council

The members of the General Council, entrusted with the task of determining the course of the Foundation’s ongoing development, come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Each is held in great esteem in their field. All are committed to enhancing the well-being of people and society.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee includes some of the world’s most renowned scientists, researchers, academics and medical practitioners.

Ethics Committee

The Champalimaud Foundation's Ethics Committee is constructed to ensure the observation of the most rigorous ethical standards in the conduct of biomedical science.

Vision Award Jury

The jury of the award consists of a distinguished panel of outstanding scientists involved in vision research and of exceptional public figures involved in meeting the needs of the developing world.