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Entry Guidelines


The recipients of the Award are leading laboratories, organisations or collaborative efforts involved in research or fighting blindness in the field. This may involve groups from more than one institution or discipline.


The award is presented in alternate years for contributions, primarily in developing countries, to the alleviation of visual problems and contributions to overall vision research.

Nominations for the Award close on the 31st of December. The award is presented in odd-numbered years to groups with outstanding contributions towards the prevention and alleviation of blindness and visual impairment, primarily in developing countries. In even-numbered years the award is presented to active research groups involved in basic or clinical research which has led to a major breakthrough in the understanding and/or the preservation of vision. Candidates may apply directly or be nominated by recognised members of the scientific community.


Forms are available each year online and completed entries should be received in full by the Foundation by December 31st for each year of the award. Materials will be accepted up to mid-January but we appreciate earlier notification.


After the submission of the entry forms, the Champalimaud Foundation may contact the candidates and/or nominators requesting additional information.


The award of € 1.0 million may be used in any way that furthers the outstanding contribution of the recipient group/organisation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions, clarification or specific information.

T (+1) 617 959 5277 (USA)
T (+351) 210 480 200 (Portugal)
E-mail: award@fchampalimaud.org